Explore the Days, as I unravel my mind with the hope that we can come together over our experiences.

A Decent Starting Point.

The button below guides you to Day 1. The format of the content is hopefully designed for better accessibility: The video is me reading the text. If you opt to watch the video, remember there is a Closed Caption button on YouTube, and it will also translate the captions to most languages! Please reach out with any questions or suggestion on topics, or general improvements I can make!

Day 11

AWAKEN! Awaken my friend,  Another day begins.  Another day to think about your sins. Personal judgements. Suspend them now, Lets change up how, We talk to god,  I i  we nod Let my friend come in, please? They’ve been running, Hiding, fighting, lying, dying… We’d all fit in.  All judgements, For gone. We on OneContinue reading “Day 11”

Day 10

Thank you Tabi, for letting me share your work! Below is a piece written by my wife. Do you think loneliness can ever feel less sticky? I know this seems to be a rather odd question but to me being lonely feels like stepping in gum. Once it is on your damn shoe all youContinue reading “Day 10”

Day 9

Years ago I was on my own in my mind alone couldn’t find a home even though I had one a sad song I was mad wrong but Im glad Im better for it diagnoses don’t ignore it bipolar don’t abhor it, its my savior now I got medicine different flavors mood stabilizers the liarsContinue reading “Day 9”

Walking through this life, a bitter melody.

*favorite quote*

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